Doctor Who

I enjoy watching Doctor Who. My favourite original doctor is Tom Baker, or ‘Jelly Baby doctor’ while my favourite new-who doctor is David Tennant. Obviously I also have favourite episodes but there’s too many of those for me to name here. Let’s just say anything with Tennant I probably enjoyed, and most of Christopher Ecclestone’s episodes. I even quite like Peter Capaldi,  something which seems to be rare from what I can tell.

However, one thing about Doctor Who that really annoys me is bad writers. And this isn’t just a complaint about Steven Moffat, although he is the one who’s stories I find most boring. Take the episode that aired last Saturday, “Thin Ice”. It was written by a woman named Sarah Dollard, who also wrote the season 9 episode “Face the Raven”. The fact that I enjoyed Face the Raven but find Thin Ice completely boring and long winded actually surprised me, but I understand that every writer has good and bad stories. I understand this even better as I write stories – I’ve reread some of my old stories and seen just how bad some of them are compared to more recent stuff.

The main complaint I have with Doctor Who is some of the season plots are a bit… ridiculous. Which, considering it’s a fantasy/science-fiction show, is not something I thought I’d be saying. I just think this whole vault thing is a bad plot for the season. That being said, some of the fan theories I’ve read about this vault are interesting. One fan theory is that the Master, John Simm, is inside that vault. Another is that the cybermen from the original series, the Mondas cybermen, are inside the vault waiting to be released. Both make sense as it was announced John Simm’s Master was returning and so are the Mondas cybermen. I guess we’ll see just what’s inside the vault, if we don’t die of boredom first watching episodes like “The Pilot” and “Thin Ice”. If other episodes were more like “Smile”, an episode I really enjoyed, then I will be watching this series excitedly. I guess I’ll see what this Saturday’s episode, “Knock Knock” is like. The trailer made me think this will be a good episode but I’ll see.



It really winds me up when people stereotype each other. Comments like “oh yeah they’re Asian so they must be really smart” just rile me up so much! I mean, I understand some people may make these comments because they’re from, say, a different generation and it was something they always did. I won’t say ‘fair enough’ because it’s not, but it’s a reason they have for why they say these things. For example, I know an older man who uses words like “puffter” to describe gay people. This is very wrong and I, as a young person, understand this but for him this was the word used to describe them back in his day. Unfortunately, this person is also very used to his own opinions and won’t allow change to them – no matter how often you try talking about it.

I hate all the stereotypes I hear about different religions and cultures. One of the worst things, in my opinion, is racism. Calling somebody derogatory terms because of their skin colour is a ridiculous thing. I know people who use all sorts of terms for black people and it’s just maddening how much they do it – I know sometimes its just to wind me up because they know it works, but a lot of the time I think they genuinely believe what they are saying. For example, calling a black person “chocolate drop” is absolutely atrocious! Nobody should have this sort of language used against them! I sometimes wonder how they would feel if a word was invented (or may already exists and just isn’t used) that was a derogatory word for white people! Maybe then less of us would be using these terms towards black or mixed race people! It’s just horrendous that language like this is used.

It also really winds me up when people are treated badly because of their religion. It’s like people haven’t learnt anything from history, because people not only still believe stupid things about Jewish people but now Muslim people are being targeted. Yes, there are small pockets of Muslim people who do terrible things, for example ISIS, but this shouldn’t mean that all Muslims are treated with contempt and scorn. If I went out and murdered someone, should every white person be treated badly because of what I did? No! So why does this happen to the entire religion? I just find this so stupid, especially from people who are meant to be adults. I always assumed being an adult meant being respectful of each other regardless of religion, sex, race etc. but apparently it just means finding new ways of bullying each other.

I will always believe that the human race as a whole can change, become caring towards each other. Maybe this is a dream that will never come true, who knows for sure? One thing I do believe is that one person can make a difference. I therefore choose to live my life with respect for other people. People are people, regardless of what they look like or what they choose to believe.

As somebody who has made friends who are LGBT, I feel I at least can sympathise with the struggles they have faced. I still continue to wish those people a good life even though we are no longer in regular contact, due to unrelated circumstances. I feel that, for them and for others who are constantly ridiculed, it may make a difference to know that at least one person in this world feels strongly that they should be given the same consideration and respect as anyone else. This is also my feelings for those who are of any religion. Just because I’m an atheist doesn’t mean I have the right to tell them their opinions are wrong, or try to stop them having their belief and faith in their religion, whatever that religion may be.

The final thing I wanted to talk about is some choices that are usually frowned upon by people. Tattoos are something a lot of people have varying opinions on. For example, I know somebody who hates tattoos on women. Of course, I respect their opinion on this. However when they then start to rant about how “ugly” it looks to have tattoos this is when I begin to become angry. Opinions are great, everyone has them and they should. But when you are using that opinion as a weapon against somebody else, especially someone you’ve never met before and have only seen in magazines or on television, that’s when it becomes ridiculous. Saying that all women with tattoos are “violent” and “ugly” is bullshit, considering the fact that everyone is different and saying that about a woman on a magazine when you don’t know the person is just crazy. It’s the same with people who have dyed hair – you don’t know what the person is like, so why judge their choice?

This is a subject I feel very strongly on – people shouldn’t be judged. For anything. If someone wants to have tattoos, dyed hair and a certain religion then that’s their choice. Everyone has their own mind, after all, and therefore should do with their bodies and lives what they want.


Coming from a family that has varied opinions on politics, I’ve begun to take some interest in aspects of it. For example, I actually care about who I vote for in the next General Election.

The only problem with the varied opinions of my family is the heated discussions that can occur between different family members. For example when my brother and uncle were discussing the referendum and Theresa May, there was certainly a clash of opinions. My brother is very much a left-wing person, while my uncle is more right-wing although I’m not sure how right-wing he is. What I do know is that he doesn’t like Labour or the Liberal Democrats. I’m not sure how he feels about the Green Party but he seems to like the Conservatives.

I personally don’t have a prefered political party, although this may change (as I said, I’m beginning to want to learn more about politics). I’ll probably end up discussing some parties on here as I read more about them.